During the past three days I have been making my way to Crete

to attend a 28 day intense yoga teacher training program.

First I had to fly to Prague and then to Heraklion six hours later.

I decided to spend one day in the city centre before arriving at the retreat.

I did´t have much expectations of Heraklion before I arrived

but I can tell you that it´s quite different than all of the photos I have seen from Greece.

It´s quite messy and the houses are quite destroyed.

But I thought it was fun to see the culture their.

After spending a day just strolling around I found a pretty nice hotel and spent the night their.

The morning after I decided just to walk to the retreat, It took two hours and it was really hot….

But I am hear now and it´s so beautiful!!!

It´s a lot nicer than what I expected… the house is super nice (and very clean, they even started vacuuming when everyone was asleep…)

We have a really nice pool and the food is SO GOOD I can’t even.

When I arrived they served me tee, two dates and one fig, which I thought was pretty funny..

Everyone arrived yesterday and to my surprise we are a group of seven girls and the oldest one is 26.

I don´t know why but I thought I was for sure going to be in a group of older really spiritual people just doing their thing

We only had one yoga class yesterday but it was really good!!

At the moment most of the girls are still asleep but we have a class in 20 minutes so Im exited..

It´s just so peaceful here, they have a incense burning and Im just loving the vibe of this place.

okei, that´s enough..

Im going to get ready for my yoga class and next up tea time….;)

xoxo- María Sól

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