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One week left!!

Fashion Yoga

One week left!!

I can´t believe it!!.. it´s gone by so fast

This week has just been amazing, the program just gets better and better

We have more yoga classes now but my energy levels just keep going up

The first week I had to take a few naps per day but these past days me and the girls have been taking hikes,

swimming and having ourselves little dance sessions before bed to waist some of the energy..

We have finished are alignment and anatomy classes but instead we have been designing yoga classes

Me, Kendra, Melissa and Caleigh have been spending a lot of time at this really cosy restaurant near by,

finishing our homework and studying for the exams coming up.. (mostly just chilling though cause good vibes;))

Im the first one up to teach a yoga class (in like 30 minutes)..

One girl is teaching everyday for the rest of the stay here:))

Im actually kind of exited for it, like really exited.. let´s hope it goes well!!

Okei that´s enough for now – gotta go teach 😉

xoxo- María Sól

BTW: the dress Im wearing is from Zara:))


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A little yoga update


A little yoga update

So I’m half way through the yoga teacher training program

It´s been absolutely great, I love it!

I feel like I have a lot more knowledge about what yoga is about

I think the philosophy behind it is very interesting but Im sceptical about some of the theories

I guess I would describe it as a really old story full of life advice accent “yogis” really believed and lived by

But in todays society it does´t necessarily fit

So we read it, process the information and pick out the points we like and would perhaps like to use in our practice.

My teacher really believes and stands by everything, which is kind of funny sometimes

Because he tells us the most ridicules stores to support his case

I respect that though, he lives and breaths yoga and has all this life

In stead of regular school he attended yoga school as a kid…

Everything here is very much about what works for you and your body

Because in the end I will teach what relates to me and what I connect with.

Physically speaking this week has been so much easier on my body

The exercises have become harder but I think Im just really getting use to this schedule and the amount of exercise

My right leg hamstring got really sore last week but it´s much better now..

I have more energy and It´s just really good

Im exited to tackle the challenges to come…

xoxo- María sól

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Saturday vibes



Saturday Vibes

I really love chilled, sunny days

when I don’t have to worry about school or other things

I spent my day with friends

and took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather

My outfit is from

Shorts: Forever21- these are pretty similar:) http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=bottoms&productid=2000207474

Sweater: H&M- http://www.hm.com/us/products/search?q=black%20wrap%20sweatter

xoxo- María Sól

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A weekend in London


A weekend in London

I just came home from a long weekend in London

It was so great!!

I went with my family and we did and saw a lot of things

I have been quite often to London, I actually lived in England for about 6 years

but I have never been to London as a tourist

So for this trip we wanted to do tourist stuff and see all of the attractions

We went on a trip up London eye, took a bus tour guide,

went to the Madame tussaud museum, saw Wicked at the theatre and of course

we had to do a little bit of shopping

Here are some photos that I took, hope you like them

xoxo- María Sól

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Fishy picture

My work

Fishy picture

 I have been really into drawing fish recently

Fish just have this really peaceful vibe about them and I love it

The way their body moves so smoothly in the water, the colours and texture

and basically everything about them is so eye capturing

I wanted to express some of their features in this picture by creating an abstract pattern

I hope you like this post

xoxo- María Sól

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Start moving


Start moving

A lot of people put, getting into shape on their list of things they want to accomplish

during the year to come

Personally I love going to the gym and being active

but I love activewear even more!!

I love pairing workout leggings with a comfy top like the one above

This velvet top is vintage

and the leggings are from Bershka

I could wear activewear every day and the

good thing is that it´s quite in style to wear sports clothing out of the gym

Maybe it could even motivate you to go to the gym or take a walk

xoxo – María Sól


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My 2016 pick


My 2016 pick

This embroidered sateen top has been one of my favourite clothing pieces during 2016

It´s a pretty basic top from the Zara basic collection

but the detailing on the back of the shirt is so stunning

This floral embroidery adds a totally unique look to the outfit

Fore those of you out there, that like to stick inside your comfort zone wearing only black

choosing  pieces like this one with a unique pattern or detail

is perfect!

You can find the top here…


xoxo – María Sól

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It´s all in the details

Inspiration Travel


It´s all in the details

Here is a little collection of pictures that inspire me.

I like finding inspiration in pictures like these because of the endless possibilities. The countless shapes and patterns.

patterns are great for inspiring an idea, getting the imagination going and  to  involve into something cool and unique.

Sometimes it´s better to see the smaller picture.

All photos are taken by me.

xoxo- María Sól

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Ship Away



Ship Away

I wanted to make a post about this top, I recently purchased at Zara.

I really like the unique style to it. The flared sleeves, the cinched waist band and the

red and blue detailing  on the sleeve.

I thought the top it self was such a statement piece I decided to pare it with some classic

high wasted black jeans and white tennis shoes from Nike.




xoxo- María Sól

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Vegan Makeup?




I have been vegan or “plant based” as some might call it for more than 8 months now.  I found it easy to give up the food and non ethical stuff but when it comes to makeup it´s harder, not because I am attached to my old makeup but because I find it to confusing.

I want to be 100% honest and tell you that just a few minutes ago I thought that the makeup I just purchased (The makeup you see above) was vegan. I researched the company before I bought it but I must have miss read the post or the blog gave incorrect information about MUA because now when I´m trying to find links to list below I see that some of their ingredients may have been derived from an animal source.


The good thing is that the company is cruelty-free, they do not test their products on animals and don´t sell them in china.

I still wanted to make this post to show that if you try your best there is nothing more you can do.                 I much rather prefer to support companies like MUA that are cruelty free than to support companies that aren´t. Im still going to use my products but I’m just going to try harder next time.

The products are inexpensive, high quality and so far I really like them, especially the PRO-BROW.




xoxo- María Sól

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