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Would you call it a workout?


idycdgI´m a very active person but I have to admit that my fitness routine over the past three weeks has been very little. I feel like the heat sucks all of my energy out. I thought I knew what it meant to sweat, but apparently not… after a 40 min run up stairs and hills, in 35°heat, wearing ankle length sports leggings (I don´t know what I was thinking), I know what it feels like to sweat!! After that run I stuck to less active but active activities like paddle boarding, go kart, walking, and shopping, though Im not sure you could call that a workout.

xoxo- María Sól

I´m wearing:

A sports top from Decathlon https://www.decathlon.es/top-sujetador-active-mujer-id_8326340.html

Shorts from HM http://www2.hm.com/es_es/mujer/compra-por-producto/h-m-sport.html?product-type=ladies_sport&sort=stock&offset=0&page-size=120

Headphones https://www.urbanista.com/index.php?productdetail=18534

Phone holder http://www2.hm.com/es_es/productpage.0396015001.html

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Another Basic Outfit


IMG_4615IMG_4604IMG_4700IMG_4599 copyjkm,The days pass by quickly here in Spain,

It has been very warm, to warm for major outfits.

The statement shorts, and tops have been a must these couple of days.

I purchased these shorts and necklace at Pull and Bear and the top is from Primark.

I really love the cut of these shorts, they aren´t to revealing in the back, which I often find is a problem and lace always gives a nice feminine touch to an outfit. 

xoxo- María Sól



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Hello world!


Hi, Im María and this apparently is my blog…

So where to begin (it´s honestly a little bit overwhelming) I have wanted to create a real blog for quite some time now. I have bean experimenting with Wix and Weebly but I thought it was time to get real. My mind likes to wonder and create art, I know that might sound weird but my projects always start with a visual picture in my head. I am very passionate about photography, designing (fashion designing in particular) and veganism and thats what I want to share with you plus some other cool things as well.

Im honestly not sure whats going to happen or where my ideas might lead but I’m curious to find out.

Hope you like what ever nonsense I come up with

xoxo – María Sól

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