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A week in…

Travel Yoga

A week in..

So my first week of the yoga teacher training program is complete!!

It´s been really fun but tough at the same time.

The schedule starts at six in the morning and ends at nine in the evening.

It can be quite a lot of hours, but I have been enjoying most of the classes.

My favourite class has to be the actual yoga class with Camilla.

We have two yoga instructors, Camila goes through more of a flow elegant class

while Harrish does a more intense moving stretch class.

The only thing I have to say I don´t really enjoy is the meditation classes

They are literally the most painful half an hours I have had to sit through..

And Im doing an hour long one in 20 minutes…hahah

Ow well, at least Georgia our cook makes food worth thinking about in meditation…

(not the point of the practise but I can´t help it:/)

Overall Im just really thankful to be here

The people are amazing and I just love the spirit here

The pictures are from one of our 2 hour brakes we had, me and the other girls here

went to the nearest beach, which was so stunning.

xoxo- María Sól

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Happy new year!!


Happy new year!!!

2016 has been a great year but I can´t wait to start 2017

I can´t wait to make new memories, visit new countries and achieve new goals

It´s good to set goals

I like to wright mine down, it makes them more visible

Another tip is to always talk about your goals like you have already achieved them or will achieve them

It´s something I learned when learning about the law of attraction

By talking about your goals as achievements

it´s more likely that you will achieve them later on

Hope you had a great NYE!!

xoxo – María Sól

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