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My red outfit FATA3KJ05

Fashion My work


This past week I finished almost all of my classes towards a student degree

This outfit was my final project for my fashion design course this semester

Red has been really inn lately and I love it

It´s a bold and strong color

I used velvet material for the co-orde bottom and top set and a mesh material for the cover up

I hope you like this little post

xoxo- María Sól

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Parque Güell Barcelona


Parque Güell Barcelona

I just spent the last week in Barcelona with da family

We saw just about everything..

But my favourite place we visited was Parque Güell

That Gaudi designed, I had learned a lot about Gaudi in one of my design classes

so it was super cool to see his work with my own eyes

I especially love the mosaic!!

Here are some pics and a super chill photo of my lil sis;)

xoxo- María Sól

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Space age

My work


Space age

I Have been working on a lot of big school projects the last couple of weeks,

including a project for my fashion design history class.

My favourite time period in the story of fashion is Space age.

This period was inspired by the first astronaut to set foot on earth.

Products looked like space-ships and people actually whore astronaut suits.

These pictures are a part of my final project,

I created these head pieces and dress, then I took photos inspired by photos from that

century and finally I printed them out

and sketched some doodles/graphics on them.

I hope you like this post


María Sól

(By the way, I know the quality isn´t great. These are photographs of my pages in my sketchbook, I just really wanted to share them)

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It´s all in the details

Inspiration Travel


It´s all in the details

Here is a little collection of pictures that inspire me.

I like finding inspiration in pictures like these because of the endless possibilities. The countless shapes and patterns.

patterns are great for inspiring an idea, getting the imagination going and  to  involve into something cool and unique.

Sometimes it´s better to see the smaller picture.

All photos are taken by me.

xoxo- María Sól

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