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Fun stuff!!!


Fun Stuff!!

Wow… tonight was so fun!!

I got the opportunity to be a judge for a school fashion show

The theme was goddess and the costumes looked so good

It was very chilled and relaxed but I got to do this with two of my good friends

Every contestant worked so hard on their outfit and it really showed!!

Hope you like this little post…

xoxo- María Sól

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Start moving


Start moving

A lot of people put, getting into shape on their list of things they want to accomplish

during the year to come

Personally I love going to the gym and being active

but I love activewear even more!!

I love pairing workout leggings with a comfy top like the one above

This velvet top is vintage

and the leggings are from Bershka

I could wear activewear every day and the

good thing is that it´s quite in style to wear sports clothing out of the gym

Maybe it could even motivate you to go to the gym or take a walk

xoxo – María Sól


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New years eve sparkle


New years eve sparkle

New years eve is just around the corner and we are up for another year, new adventures and more memorable moments

I really love sequin clothing especially hand made peaces, I have come across a few unique ones vintage shopping

Sparkling, sequin clothing it very popular during new years eve and that´s what i´m all about

I also really love big sparkly earrings, and basically everything glittery (you should see my sketchbooks… lets just say that I think glitter, like A LOT makes everything better;) )

The top I´m wearing is from urban outfitters


Here are some nice earrings…


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Winter Season



Winter season

So it´s been a while… Time flew away and winter is here.

The weather has been awful and I haven’t been able to shoot outside.

But I have decided that, that´s not a good enough reason.

I love shooting and editing and that´s what I´m going with.

Im kind of loving the vintage film look and I tried to incorporate it into these pictures.

Instead of using grain to achieve that look I resized the images (shrunk them).

Im wearing a cosy soft sweater from Bershka and jeans from Zara.

xoxo- María Sól

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Ship Away



Ship Away

I wanted to make a post about this top, I recently purchased at Zara.

I really like the unique style to it. The flared sleeves, the cinched waist band and the

red and blue detailing  on the sleeve.

I thought the top it self was such a statement piece I decided to pare it with some classic

high wasted black jeans and white tennis shoes from Nike.




xoxo- María Sól

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Another Basic Outfit


IMG_4615IMG_4604IMG_4700IMG_4599 copyjkm,The days pass by quickly here in Spain,

It has been very warm, to warm for major outfits.

The statement shorts, and tops have been a must these couple of days.

I purchased these shorts and necklace at Pull and Bear and the top is from Primark.

I really love the cut of these shorts, they aren´t to revealing in the back, which I often find is a problem and lace always gives a nice feminine touch to an outfit. 

xoxo- María Sól



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Traveling in Spain

Fashion Travel

  adca IMG_4220 copyascaowlkmchgvbnmIt´s the third day of my stay in Torrevieja Spain. The architecture is beautiful, the flowers spectacular and the ocean view breathtaking. 

Im enjoying the heat and the fashion. At home in Iceland I could only dream of going to town wearing only a dress and my flip-flops. 

At the moment Im really loving the laid back natural look. The dress that I’m wearing I got from Zara and then I have a vintage ankle bracelet on.

I have to say, I´m not much of a writer I believe that photography kind of tells a story by it self so Im going to go with that. 

I hope you like this post..

xoxo- María Sól


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