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I spent a day in Santorini and what can I say other than it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen and Im for sure coming back!

You know when you see pictures on pinterest or instagram but it never looks as good in real life

Well thats not the case with Santorini

Pictures can´t even describe the place slightly

But then again here are some pictures.. 😉

The dress I´m wearing is from H&M

xoxo- María Sól

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Can it get any better


Can it get any better

I don´t really have any words, life is just so good

I feel thankful everyday for the opportunity to be in a beautiful country, feeling healthy, doing yoga

but mostly that I got to meet the most amazing people

The pictures are from saturday night in Heraklion, we went to a roof top restaurant and stalked people from above;))

xoxo-María Sól

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One week left!!

Fashion Yoga

One week left!!

I can´t believe it!!.. it´s gone by so fast

This week has just been amazing, the program just gets better and better

We have more yoga classes now but my energy levels just keep going up

The first week I had to take a few naps per day but these past days me and the girls have been taking hikes,

swimming and having ourselves little dance sessions before bed to waist some of the energy..

We have finished are alignment and anatomy classes but instead we have been designing yoga classes

Me, Kendra, Melissa and Caleigh have been spending a lot of time at this really cosy restaurant near by,

finishing our homework and studying for the exams coming up.. (mostly just chilling though cause good vibes;))

Im the first one up to teach a yoga class (in like 30 minutes)..

One girl is teaching everyday for the rest of the stay here:))

Im actually kind of exited for it, like really exited.. let´s hope it goes well!!

Okei that´s enough for now – gotta go teach 😉

xoxo- María Sól

BTW: the dress Im wearing is from Zara:))


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Night out in Greece


Night out in Greece

This weekend was great.. me and my roommates decided to take a little vacay from are sort of but not really vacation

We rented a hotel in Ágios Nikólaos, which is only about an hour from were we are staying on Crete

But it was great, my favourite place in Crete so far!!

We met a really cool group of locals and had a great convo..

Eat a lot of nice food and walked in town

The outfit I’m wearing:

Pants- Bershka

Swimsuit/one piece – Made by me

xoxo- María Sól

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A little yoga update


A little yoga update

So I’m half way through the yoga teacher training program

It´s been absolutely great, I love it!

I feel like I have a lot more knowledge about what yoga is about

I think the philosophy behind it is very interesting but Im sceptical about some of the theories

I guess I would describe it as a really old story full of life advice accent “yogis” really believed and lived by

But in todays society it does´t necessarily fit

So we read it, process the information and pick out the points we like and would perhaps like to use in our practice.

My teacher really believes and stands by everything, which is kind of funny sometimes

Because he tells us the most ridicules stores to support his case

I respect that though, he lives and breaths yoga and has all this life

In stead of regular school he attended yoga school as a kid…

Everything here is very much about what works for you and your body

Because in the end I will teach what relates to me and what I connect with.

Physically speaking this week has been so much easier on my body

The exercises have become harder but I think Im just really getting use to this schedule and the amount of exercise

My right leg hamstring got really sore last week but it´s much better now..

I have more energy and It´s just really good

Im exited to tackle the challenges to come…

xoxo- María sól

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A week in…

Travel Yoga

A week in..

So my first week of the yoga teacher training program is complete!!

It´s been really fun but tough at the same time.

The schedule starts at six in the morning and ends at nine in the evening.

It can be quite a lot of hours, but I have been enjoying most of the classes.

My favourite class has to be the actual yoga class with Camilla.

We have two yoga instructors, Camila goes through more of a flow elegant class

while Harrish does a more intense moving stretch class.

The only thing I have to say I don´t really enjoy is the meditation classes

They are literally the most painful half an hours I have had to sit through..

And Im doing an hour long one in 20 minutes…hahah

Ow well, at least Georgia our cook makes food worth thinking about in meditation…

(not the point of the practise but I can´t help it:/)

Overall Im just really thankful to be here

The people are amazing and I just love the spirit here

The pictures are from one of our 2 hour brakes we had, me and the other girls here

went to the nearest beach, which was so stunning.

xoxo- María Sól

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During the past three days I have been making my way to Crete

to attend a 28 day intense yoga teacher training program.

First I had to fly to Prague and then to Heraklion six hours later.

I decided to spend one day in the city centre before arriving at the retreat.

I did´t have much expectations of Heraklion before I arrived

but I can tell you that it´s quite different than all of the photos I have seen from Greece.

It´s quite messy and the houses are quite destroyed.

But I thought it was fun to see the culture their.

After spending a day just strolling around I found a pretty nice hotel and spent the night their.

The morning after I decided just to walk to the retreat, It took two hours and it was really hot….

But I am hear now and it´s so beautiful!!!

It´s a lot nicer than what I expected… the house is super nice (and very clean, they even started vacuuming when everyone was asleep…)

We have a really nice pool and the food is SO GOOD I can’t even.

When I arrived they served me tee, two dates and one fig, which I thought was pretty funny..

Everyone arrived yesterday and to my surprise we are a group of seven girls and the oldest one is 26.

I don´t know why but I thought I was for sure going to be in a group of older really spiritual people just doing their thing

We only had one yoga class yesterday but it was really good!!

At the moment most of the girls are still asleep but we have a class in 20 minutes so Im exited..

It´s just so peaceful here, they have a incense burning and Im just loving the vibe of this place.

okei, that´s enough..

Im going to get ready for my yoga class and next up tea time….;)

xoxo- María Sól

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