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Happy new year!!


Happy new year!!!

2016 has been a great year but I can´t wait to start 2017

I can´t wait to make new memories, visit new countries and achieve new goals

It´s good to set goals

I like to wright mine down, it makes them more visible

Another tip is to always talk about your goals like you have already achieved them or will achieve them

It´s something I learned when learning about the law of attraction

By talking about your goals as achievements

it´s more likely that you will achieve them later on

Hope you had a great NYE!!

xoxo – María Sól

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New years eve sparkle


New years eve sparkle

New years eve is just around the corner and we are up for another year, new adventures and more memorable moments

I really love sequin clothing especially hand made peaces, I have come across a few unique ones vintage shopping

Sparkling, sequin clothing it very popular during new years eve and that´s what i´m all about

I also really love big sparkly earrings, and basically everything glittery (you should see my sketchbooks… lets just say that I think glitter, like A LOT makes everything better;) )

The top I´m wearing is from urban outfitters


Here are some nice earrings…


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