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My 2016 pick


My 2016 pick

This embroidered sateen top has been one of my favourite clothing pieces during 2016

It´s a pretty basic top from the Zara basic collection

but the detailing on the back of the shirt is so stunning

This floral embroidery adds a totally unique look to the outfit

Fore those of you out there, that like to stick inside your comfort zone wearing only black

choosing  pieces like this one with a unique pattern or detail

is perfect!

You can find the top here…


xoxo – María Sól

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It´s all in the details

Inspiration Travel


It´s all in the details

Here is a little collection of pictures that inspire me.

I like finding inspiration in pictures like these because of the endless possibilities. The countless shapes and patterns.

patterns are great for inspiring an idea, getting the imagination going and  to  involve into something cool and unique.

Sometimes it´s better to see the smaller picture.

All photos are taken by me.

xoxo- María Sól

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