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Surfing with Lapoint

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Surfing with Lapoint

I recently went surfing for the first time in my life

I took a two week lesson with Lapoint in Bali and I thought it was absolutely great

I loved the place we stayed at, the people I met, the food, and just everything about bali and the surf camp

I really enjoyed surfing, it was a bit harder than I expected at first

And during the second week when we took a boat further into the ocean

I got a little bit scared… lol

But overall It was one of the best experiences of my life, I definitely recommend!!



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A weekend in London


A weekend in London

I just came home from a long weekend in London

It was so great!!

I went with my family and we did and saw a lot of things

I have been quite often to London, I actually lived in England for about 6 years

but I have never been to London as a tourist

So for this trip we wanted to do tourist stuff and see all of the attractions

We went on a trip up London eye, took a bus tour guide,

went to the Madame tussaud museum, saw Wicked at the theatre and of course

we had to do a little bit of shopping

Here are some photos that I took, hope you like them

xoxo- María Sól

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